Project Templates

Project Merchandise Limited are a company, limited by guarantee. Our work is designed to help develop people of all ages and their communities using design and print services in innovative ways.

All of our project materials are free to you and can be used simply for the benefit of your service and service users.

If you opt to complete the full process and get products printed we have a simple to use order form you fill out. This allows us to only invoice for the products you organisation needs and at a price that also allows your organisation to raise it's own funds if it so chooses.

There is no downside to simply using our project materials but the positive response that people get from seeing their own design printed onto mugs, t-shirts, mouse mats, umbrellas or any number of items really is a great outcome.

We have no minimum order value, this was decided on so that any size of organisation could take part if they wanted to.

We have a pricing structure that means we charge you less than 50% of the typical standard price found commercially. This really does allow more people to benefit from our projects, but it also means that you can choose to raise much needed funds from the sale of items if that is a route you want to take.