Super Me T-Shirt Project Template 10 Pack

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You can order as many templates as you wish with each unit consisting of a pack of ten templates.

If all you want to do is use our materials to engage with your service users/pupils that's fine.

As we are a not for profit social enterprise we WANT people to use our projects to do just that.

All you pay for at this stage is the delivery price.

The only other payment you have to make is when you place a final order for t-shirts from the completed artworks created by your service users /pupils.

Our full service as part of this project would mean each t-shirt we print (they are always white t-shirts because of the style of printing we utilise) only costs £5.50 to you. If you only carry the project through for one t-shirt or if you have 1,000 pupil designs to print the price remains the same, £5.50 per.

At you end you are free to sell the t-shirts on at whatever price you deem acceptable.

The sight of a group of people celebrating their own special superness, of kids running out for sports day in the t-shirt they designed is truly awesome.